2024 Top Shop Winners

Top Shops 2024 Winners
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We are pleased to announce this year’s winners of the 145 Top Shop Awards! It was another amazing voting season, with a total of 13,803 nominations and 5380 winning votes submitted in thirty different repair categories. We also saw a 37% increase in the number of winning votes cast this year versus last year, 1920 more votes to be exact. The hottest contested repair category this year was for the Best Accessory Class I, II and III Repair with thirteen companies competing for the title. We also saw some close races in the Accessory Class I, II and III, Aerostructures and Wheel & Brake categories. One race ended in a tie for the Ozone Repair category with Limco Air Repair and Triumph Accessory Repair – Wellington winning that category.

On behalf of The 145, and all the repair centers, we want to thank everyone that participated by submitting votes this year. Without your votes there wouldn’t be a 145 Top Shop Awards. We also want to congratulate this year’s winners on a job well done. If you’re a Top Shop you must be doing something right, so keep it up!

Below are the 2024 winners by repair category:

Best Accessories Class I, II, and III
  • EMC Aerospace
    EMC Aerospace, Inc.
Best Airframe and Aerostructures
  • California Radomes
    California Radomes
Best APU Components
  • Setnix LLC
    Setnix LLC
Best APU Overhaul
  • TAG Aero, LLC
    TAG Aero, LLC
Best Avionics and Instruments
  • Aero Instruments & Avionics
    Aero Instruments & Avionics
Best DER
  • CVG Aerospace
    CVG Aerospace
Best Ducting
  • AvDUCT Worldwide
    AvDUCT Worldwide
Best Electrical Panels
  • Skysmart MRO Ltd
    Skysmart MRO Ltd
Best Electro-Mechanical
  • Illuminair Support
    Illuminair Support
Best Engine Accessories
  • Summit Aerospace, Inc.
    Summit Aerospace, Inc.
Best Engine Components
  • Lufthansa Technik
    Lufthansa Technik
Best Engine Overhaul
  • StandardAero
Best Fuel Systems and Fuel Accessories
  • CIMA Aviation
    CIMA Aviation
Best Galley Components
  • Icon Aerospace, LLC
    Icon Aerospace, LLC.
Best Gyros
  • A.I.R.S.
Best Heat Transfer
  • Ametek MRO - Drake Air Tulsa
    Ametek MRO - Drake Air Tulsa
Best Hydraulics
  • Lift MRO
    Lift MRO
Best In-Flight Entertainment Systems
  • Unicorp Systems, Inc.
    Unicorp Systems, Inc.
Best Interiors
  • VSE Aviation Services - KY
    VSE Aviation Services - KY
Best Landing Gear
  • Summit Aerospace, Inc.
    Summit Aerospace, Inc.
Best Lavatory / Sanitation Components
  • Iliff Aircraft
    Iliff Aircraft
Best Lighting
  • AOG Reaction, Inc.
    AOG Reaction, Inc.
Best NDT Facility
  • MARTEC Aviation
    MARTEC Aviation
Best Ozone
  • Limco Airepair
    Limco Airepair
  • Triumph Accessory Services - Wellington
    Triumph Accessory Services - Wellington
Best Plastic Components
  • Evans Composites, Inc.
    Evans Composites, Inc.
Best Pneumatics
  • AeroStar, Inc.
    AeroStar, Inc.
Best Safety Equipment
  • HRD Aero Systems, Inc.
    HRD Aero Systems, Inc.
Best Total Solutions Provider
  • Delta TechOps
    Delta TechOps
Best Transparencies
  • Allflight Corporation
    Allflight Corporation
Best Wheel and Brake
  • Earp Aviation Repairs
    Earp Aviation Repairs