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Aviation is a zero-error industry and flying IS the safest means of transportation because we make it so. When it comes to aviation maintenance, perfection is not some abstract concept; it’s a goal to be achieved every day.

The MRO industry in and of itself is more than just the perfection of workmanship, engineering and quality material; it’s the human element that truly sets great shops apart from the rest. Companies with teams of individuals that provide clear communication, innovative thinking, flexibility, and have a clear set of ethical principles and procedures are what make the aviation industry the legendary benchmark for all other industries.

The 145 created the Top Shop Awards in honor of those shops that deliver more than just technical expertise, we created the Awards for companies that believe in

  • Quality of service,
  • Vision
  • Exceptional turn-around-times
  • Competitive pricing & Excellent customer relations.

It's important to note that the Top Shop Awards is 100% peer-driven and is open to any repair center within the aviation community. No sign-up is required and any professional within the industry can nominate a business for the award. If you’re a shop, and you’re interested in becoming a Top Shop, we recommend you download the “Vote for Us” button below and place it on your website and in your email signatures.

Kudos to the 2024 Top Shop winners for their outstanding achievements and excellence.

Justin Spaulding The145

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